What is Censorship?

Published: 2021-09-27 12:20:04
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Category: Adolescence, Death, Freedom of Speech, Internet Censorship

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I will discuss whether or not censorship is a good or bad thing and what affect it has on the people and whether this influence is helpful to society. The media needs censorship because discretion in viewers or censorship is necessary; it reduces the risk of exposing children of easily influenced ages to adult content as well as inappropriate content that should not be exposed to all.
Media exposure is a powerful factor in influencing the values and opinions of children; for this reason, the need to control all that they see and hear from the media. An example of this are rap songs, which usually contain swear words, say if a young child was in the room and heard this and then began to repeat the word, this is why some word in songs are censored. On the other hand there are cons to censorship. It compromises freedom of speech.
Also not censoring can be a good thing as shock tactics are the best way to help children/teenagers to stay safe, for instance if a teenager saw a picture of a girl dead from a drug overdose it would help them to see that it is dangerous making sure that they stay away from it. Everyone should be able to choose whether censoring is better or not, seeing things like the example above will help children to think twice leading them to make the right choices rather than being reckless and irresponsible with their decisions.

In conclusion I believe that censorship is good because it protects the privacy of the people. We should all have a choice, some may rather prefer content be censored like if they live in a family environment with children around. Whereas others would choose not censoring for example if they live on their own and are an adult, listening to swear words would not cause any harm or have any impact as most likely they already know these certain words.

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