The Value of Dissertation in Education: Is It Exaggerated?

Published: 2021-09-24 14:30:02
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What is the value of a dissertation in education? You are not the first person who is preoccupied with this question. As a rule, the value of a dissertation in education is questioned by those who have to write dissertations.
So, are you not sure that your dissertation will be of any contribution in education? Learn why you are wrong.
People have argued much about the role of a dissertation in education. The discussion usually ends with emphasizing the value of dissertation in education. Let us consider why the dissertation in education really matters.

What is the value of dissertation in education?

Contribution into a definite sphere of education. It does not matter whether you write a dissertation in social sciences or management; your work contributes greatly into developing this sphere of education. Any dissertation contains original research. This means that a particular sphere is replenished by new discoveries. This increases the value of dissertation in education.
Attempt to solve a problem. All the dissertations research problematic issues. The role of the dissertation in education consists in the sphere of education working out the solutions to the problems that the humanity has been fighting with over the centuries.
A source for further research. Dissertations are invaluable for the students who write less serious papers (essays, term papers, research papers, reports, etc). Dissertations are the mine of information. They can be quoted, the findings of different researchers can be compared, and the information presented in dissertations can serve as a basis for other papers. Therefore, the value of dissertation in education is in its abundance of information that can be used for further research.

This all means that the value of dissertation in education is not exaggerated. Any dissertation is very important for this sphere of human activities.

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