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In order to keep the sand dunes at Scrofula/Wanda economically sustainable there are several strategies that had to be done so they wouldn't be destroyed in the near future. Since there were an increasing number of people going to Scrofula to use the sand dunes, the council, state and commonwealth had the act quick to save the sand dunes. The strategies that were used for sand dune management in the Scrofula area include dune reverberation, polymers covering, walkways, and fencing.
Dune Reverberation has been used in the Scrofula/Wanda area for the management of sand dunes because it removes weeds and harmful materials which may affect the condition of the sand dunes. By controlling noxious and environmental weeds, irrigating the planting areas, planting recommended dune species and installing wind protection fences, removing bitumen and other debris from the dunes and access roads, replacing the fences, the dunes can be reverberated so that they may main in a stable condition for future generations.
The second strategy is to install a network of paths and barriers to prevent people from shifting the sand dunes. Surfers often check the conditions of the beach by looking over them at the dunes. They run up to the top of them so they can get a view of where there are good waves or not. In summer, an astonishing number of surfers will flock to the beach. The result of those people all running up the dune would cause displacement of the sand and weakening of the dunes.

To solve the need for people to travel around the beach, the council has installed walkways to provide a path around the area which doesn't involve people walking or treading on the sand dunes. The dunes have been fenced off in case any people wonder off and don't walk on the pathways. On top of that, board and chain stairs have been put put in to protect the sloped areas of the beach which may be vulnerable to deformation. Finally, polymers has been laid over areas of bare sand to stop sand blowing...

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