Consequentiality and Deontology

Published: 2021-09-25 23:50:02
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CRG 520 ASSIGMENT THE MOVIE REVIEW ISTANBUL AKU DATANG PREPARED BY: NAME: NURUL HASIKIN BINTI NGAH MATRIC NO: 2011646112 GROUP: AC2204A Istanbul Aku Datang is a movie about a sweet and naive blogger named Dian who travels to Istanbul in plan to make her boyfriend, Azad, a medical student, to propose to her. She enrols in language course in the same university as Azad and in the period of three months, she hopes that her plan on convincing her boyfriend to propose her will be success.
Due to the unexpected circumstance that come to her way, Dian have to move out from Azad’s house and rent out another apartment without knowing that the apartment is already tenant. Despite of being cheating and runs out of money, Dian tries out her very best to clear the situation and build a good relationship with the rightful tenant of the house, Harris who is a quirky and shy artist while tries to hide from her boyfriend the truth that she is sharing the apartment with a guy. The stakeholders in this movie are Dian, Azad and Harris. Dian’s stakes is to ensure that Azad will be her husband.
Azad’s stakes is to keep Dian as her girlfriend but not telling her that he got someone else while Harris’s stakes is to stay in the apartment without have to share it with Dian. The main villain in this movie is Azad while the hero and heroine are Dian and Harris respectively. The ethical dilemma of the villain Azad is whether to being honest and tells the truth to Dian that he already have another girlfriend. The ethical dilemma of the hero, Harris is whether to let Dian stay with him with the fact that Dian have been cheated and got no money left to rent another house.

The ethical dilemma of the heroine, Dian is whether to being honest to tell Azad that she is actually sharing the same apartment with Harris. Ethical or Moral Issues The ethical or moral issue in the movie is about honesty. The main villain in this movie is not being honest since he is cheating behind his girlfriend, Dian who is actually very loyal towards him. His egoism have avoid him from telling the truth to Dian and makes excuses to make sure Dian do not stay with him maybe because he is afraid that Dian will knows that he is not being loyal.
Dian also do not being honest because she is not explaining the truth is she is sharing a place to stay with Harris. The other ethical issue is sympathy. This issue could be seen by the character of Harris who feels sympathy towards Dian, who get cheated by Saleem. So, he let Dian stays with him even though he do not likes her at first because of some misunderstandings. Harris also feels sympathy towards Dian when Dian knows that Azad is cheating with another woman. He keeps her accompanies and tries to make her happy. The third issue is trustworthiness.
This issue could be seen by the character of another Villain which is Saleem. Saleem is the person who cheats Dian to rent out the apartment that already being rented by Harris. He did this for his self-interest to get money easily Consequentalist Point of View Consequentialism is the class of normative ethical theories holding that the consequences of one's conduct are the ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness of that conduct. Thus, from a consequentialist standpoint, a morally right act is one that will produce a good outcome, or consequence.
From a consequentialist point of view, the action of Azad who cheating behind his girlfriend is unethical because at the end we can see that because of that action they finally broke up. Furthermore, the consequence of his action causing Dian to feel very sad and broke her pride after an embarrassing fight with his another girlfriend. The action of Saleem is also wrong or unethical because the consequence of his action cause Dian to be in such a harsh situation where she have no money left to rent out another apartment after knowing that the apartment that Saleem rent to her already have a tenant.
Deontology Point of View Deontological ethics is the normative ethical position that judges the morality of an action based on the action's adherence to a rule or rules. Deontology derives the rightness or wrongness of one's conduct from the character of the behaviour itself rather than the outcomes of the conduct. From the deontology point of view, the action of Dian who do not tells Azad that she is sharing the same apartment with Harris is a right action. She did that because she does not want Azad to misunderstand her.
Besides, she also wants to please Azad that she already gets a safe place to stay. Plus, she has to do that because she is cheated and it’s not like she is willingly staying with a stranger especially a male. The action of Harris who let someone’s girlfriend stays with him and helps her to hides the matter from her boyfriend is also a right action. This is his action is based on sympathizes and she just want to help her who is helpless that time. Golden Rule
The Golden Rule is an ethical code or morality that essentially states either the positive form of Golden Rule or the negative form Golden Rule. Positive form of Golden Rule states that one should treat others as one would like others to treat him while negative form of Golden Rule states that one should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated. If I were in Azad’s shoes I would not at the first place cheating behind Dian. This is because Azad was very angry and frustrated when she thought that Dian was cheating with Harris.
In that case, I should have being loyal and faithful so that Dian will also do the same things to me because I believe if I cheat her, she must be very angry and sad too. Plus, Dian is very loyal and honest to me so there is no such thing that she is being unfaithful. As the villain, I think Azad would be very remorse because he had lied to Dian since Dian finally not choosing him as her future husband. Even though Dian wants to give him second chance Dian finally realised that she actually should have choose Harris who seems to be more honest.
As for Saleem, he also must feels guilt for cheating on Dian’s money. He also must be very shame when the real landlord brought him to meet Dian and Harris to explain the truth and return the money back to Dian for justice. Lessons From the movie Istanbul Aku Datang, I have learnt that to build a good relationship with others, we must be very honest about our feeling. If we are honest and sincere in our relationship, the other could feel our sincerity. This is what happens between Dian and Harris. How Harris could ever win over Dian’s heart in a short time if it is not because of his honesty and sincerity.
By the time, when he at first let Dian gives Azad the second chance because he is altruistic and want to see Dian happy, he realised that Dian will be happier if Dian with him. So, he runs after Dian and though his eyes, Dian could see the sincerity and causing her to choose Harris instead of Azad. In conclusion, honesty is the best policy. The second thing that I have learnt is we should not take advantages over someone else’s problem for our own self-interest. This is because at the of the day we will get the punishment, either sooner or later because I believe that what goes around comes around.

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