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Published: 2021-09-25 18:50:02
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What, can you infer (guess), is the season? How do you know?

If I would have to guess, I would say that the season is summer because of the fact that one of them is wearing shorts and a tank top, and the other one is wearing a t shirt. Also they are both outside playing basketball, it seems.

How does the boy in the baseball hat react to what the other boy has said about his family? How can you tell?

The boy in the basketball hat thinks that the boy is strange because he lives with both his parents, which now a days many families are broken up, with both parents living in different places. You can tell this because of the fact that he just walks away after hearing that the other boy lives in an unbroken home.

What can you infer is the reason that the boy with the baseball hat is so surprised that the other boy lives with both parents?

Maybe because the people around the boy with the stable home all have broken families that don’t live together and for the boy with the basketball hat thinks that findings some one that lives with both his parents is something weird to see now a days.  Nowadays there are many different types of families. Using your personal experiences and the ideas contained within the comic, write a paragraph about the reasons why families are changing. Now a days, families are changing specially because many parents aren’t ready to have the responsibility of having a child in their life, so at the end of the day, the couple fight between each other because of all the pressure involved in having a child to raise with, for example, low income or not enough maturity in behave of one or both parents. Before two people decide on having a child they should first decide if the relationship is strong enough to hold the weight of the responsibility of having to take care of another life.

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